About Us

White Hot Games is a one man indie developer company, with the aim of bringing fun, quality indie games to the App Store. It was founded in February 2018, though work on the company began long before then.

My name is Scott, and I'm the founder and CEO of White Hot Games. Since its inception WHG has released 2 mobile games, with another 2 currently in progress. These games have been made thanks to some very talented friends and colleagues who have provided expertise in Programming, Art and Audio.

Before setting up an official business I had been developing and publishing iOS games privately since 2010 as a hobby. I currently work a full time job as a Lead Games Designer and have been in the games industry for over 10 years across multiple large studios.

Thanks for taking an interest in my little company, expect to see some of our games coming to the App Stores soon. For now check out our live games in the Games tab.


All the best, and never give up,